Soft tissue therapies

Soft tissue work is vitally important to injury treatment and prevention. Application of treatment before and after exercise can encourage physical and physiological changes that can assist performance and recovery. There are multiple benefits associated with soft tissue techniques including reduction of muscular tension and spasm and swelling, increasing flexibility, increasing range of movement and breaking down adhesions.



Electrotherapy modalities ultrasound, interferential stimulation and tens if appropriate can used as part of a specific individual treatment plan. This would follow evaluation of the condition and be part of the overall goal of returning the individual to full function.


Functional rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation is the final aspectof injury recovery and needs to address the demands of the sport. The exercise rehabilitation programme offered at the AFC sports injury clinic are tailored specifically for the individual and the sport they participate in. Each programme establishes the cause of the problem and the necessary course of action considering the sport involved.


Joint and muscles mobilisation

As a result of injury, overuse or postural imbalances the musculoskeletal system must adapt to the effects of healing tissue. This can result in joint restrictions and muscular tightness and shortening. Accurate assessment of range of motion and muscular length is an important part of treatment and rehabilitation. Many therapeutic techniques can be used to help you regain full function when recovering from injury.

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